Memorial statute at the German Military Cemetery in Saint Mihiel

Apremont Forest: Wie es War

While the extent of the great Western Front scar from the Franco-Swiss border to the English Channel can still be traced on contemporary aerial photography, very few examples of trenches sans artificial stabilization, restoration, or outright replication exist in France or Belgium. The best naturally preserved Great War trenches are in the Foret d’Apremont located in rural Lorraine about five kilometers south of St. Mihiel.

This network of parapets and dugouts saw no major battles for four years between September 1914 and the same month in 1918. Although thousands of men were killed and maimed during incessant trench raids and mining operations, the lack of major offensive operations and local geology preserved the trenches in situ.

Come join us as we explore the trenches of WWI.

Langmark German Cemetery

Ypres: Military Theme Park

Belgium played an extraordinary role at the beginning of WWI, refusing to roll over as the script of Germany’s Schlieffen Plan dictated. In this post, we visit key WWI sites in Belgium, gaining a great appreciation for the bravery and resourcefulness of the Belgium people.

Come join us for the Last Post as we explore the WWI sites of Belgium and the Plugstreet Experience. There are also some beautiful photographs of Ypres including the cathedral.

Morgan in front of a destroyed turret at Fort Loncin

Military Architecture: Forever Failing

Europe’s semi-continuous wars since at least the beginning of recorded history have made it the premier locale for the Sisyphusian labor of establishing “impregnable” defensive systems. Join us as we visit the charming city of Metz and then go on the hunt for “Big Bertha” at Liege’s Fort Loncin, a WWI fortification that you can still explore today.

Hôtel du Lac de la Madine

Quarter Master Report: Apremont Forest

Hôtel du Lac de la Madine, a classic French restaurant with rooms owned and run by two sisters, was our second favorite place to stay on the trip. Check out the meal and the photos.

2014-06-04 193702_P1170147

Quartermaster Report: Ypres

Belgium had some of the best hotels and restaurants of the Battlefield tour. Our favorite was the Main Street Hotel in Ypres. You should definitely check it out.


Sedan: A Battle Magnet

Sedan sits athwart one of the classic European bi-directional invasion routes at the southern base of the Ardennes forest. In and around Sedan during the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II horrific battles raged. Come join Team Mago while we explore.

Mosaic facade at Peguy's grave

The First Battle of the Marne: A Stillborn Miracle

In early September of 1949 the Germans had invaded Belgium and northestern France and were within 30 miles of Paris when the French army and the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) went on the offensive – the First Battle of the Marne had begun.

Grave at Le Cateau Military Cemetery

MagoGuide’s 2014 European Battlefield Tour: Introduction

Emboldened by the New York Times’ sporadic, superficial, and ludicrously U.S.-centric articles marking the centennial of the Great War, Morgan made it his mission to do better. In the Spring of 2014 Team Mago spent over two weeks visiting the sites in Belgium and France where this conflict took place.