Porchetta sandwich from Chop

MagoGuide Winter Tour 2014 – Week 2

The fun continued into week 2 of the 2014 Winter tour. This week we discovered Pok Pok, Ataula, and St. Jack. We also decided we wanted to return next spring for many months to continue exploring. Portland has become our new favorite city in the US.

Our Christmas Tree

A North Fork Christmas

Team Mago returned to Montana just in time to enjoy snow, friends, and fine eats for Christmas. We thought that we would share some of our favorite photos.

MagoGuide logo in the upper atmosphere

MagoGuide’s Successful Launch into Space

MagoGuide.net has made it into the upper atmosphere. Day before yesterday, Earth to Sky Calculus launched a Space Weather Buoy that not only carried the X-ray/gamma-ray sensors normally flown but also a neutron detector. See the MagoGuide logo in space!

In skateboarding culture, the driving life force is called "stoke." I clearly have it in this photo! Near Brooklyn, MI

Evan Goodman Launches His Blog

Evan Goodman gives me, Morgan, and MagoGuide.net credit for having inspired him to share his travels with the world. Read more about his new blog here.

Mother grizzly and her cubs

North Fork in Review

Sitting next to Glacier National Park, the North Fork offers hikes, river floats, fishing, food, friends and more. This post provides photos and memories.

View from the top of Tuchuck

Hike to Tuchuck

The hike to Tuchuck in the Whitefish Range of the Flathead National Forest is epoch. This post provides a complete description, photos, and an interactive map.

Morgan at some remains of the circuit walls of Syracuse near the western end of the Neapolis neighborhood.

Fire at the Neapolis Gate

This post features an excerpt from one of my favorite passages in the Mago Scrolls III. There’s a fire, panic, mayhem… and the captain of the guard at the Neapolis gate is about to have a really, really bad day.

Evan Goodman

The Tale of Evan Goodman

In June we met Evan Goodman in the dining car of the Amtrak Capitol Limited who was planning to longboard from Toledo, OH to Lansing, MI. Here’s an update of Evan’s adventures. Here is an update.