2015 Holiday Ale Festival in Portland

Look at all the different kinds of ales!Team Mago takes our holiday responsibilities to our fans very seriously. So we were excited when Morgan found out about the 2015 Holiday Ale Festival being held at Pioneer Square in Portland this weekend. Here is what their website said…

The winter season holds many gifts for beer lovers in the form of big, bold ales designed to fend off the cold chill of a long winter’s night. Each year, the Holiday Ale Festival annually gathers up dozens of these winter warmers for a joyous five-day celebration. As a result, this quintessential Portland event has earned a reputation as the premier winter beer tasting venue on the West Coast.

Who could resist? So Team Mago went on Thursday evening and had a chance to gulp down some delicious and somewhat unusual beers, ales, ciders, and other strange concoctions. There were also some excellent panini-style sandwiches and German fare such as sausages and kraut. And of course you can’t have a beer festival without lots and lots of pretzels. Check out these photos below and see that some folks decided to actually wear their food as decoration.

Check out the pretzel necklaces

As you can see, everyone was having an excellent time and in the holiday spirit. Here is a link to their website so that you can get all the information. If you’re in Portland this weekend, we highly recommend that you go and enjoy getting warm the old fashion way.

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  1. At first glance, I thought that the tag on the shirt of the server was “No waist band, no beer.” When I looked closer I could see that I had that wrong, but liked my first parsing better.

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