A North Fork Christmas

Team Mago returned to Montana just in time to enjoy snow, friends, and fine eats for Christmas. We thought that we would share some of our favorite photos.

We started the Christmas festivities by hiking out into the woods to cut down a couple of trees. You’ll see the results of our efforts in the photos below.  The really beautiful tree towards the end is that of a friend of ours. The whole time we were out scouting trees, the sky was turning darker and darker, threatening snow. Well it happened. We ended up with about 10 inches of new snow on the ground before the night was over.

Christmas day we cooked up some dishes including a sweet potato puff, a buttermilk pie, creamed shallots, and a pecan pie, then headed to the community hall for Christmas dinner with all of our neighbors. Check out the photos that are posted on the NFLA website.

Christmas dinner at the hallThe day after Christmas, we treated ourselves to a long afternoon of cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the Flathead National Forest. The snow was perfect, the scenery beautiful, and the friends fun.

We hope that everyone had as much fun with family and friends over the Christmas holidays as we did and we want to wish everyone all the best for the coming new year.  And stay tuned to more MagoGuide!

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Patti Hart

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