Mago Tip: Use Case Vacanze Pomelia for Rentals in Southeastern Sicily

Patti and Morgan cavorting in the pool at our villaRagusa Province is currently MagoGuide’s favorite sector of Trinacria. It has everything: history out the ass, incredible wine, amazing cuisine, the mountains, the sea, and very friendly people. We were very impressed by the rental properties offered by Case Vacanze Pomelia, but the young and extremely professional staff was the key to the experience. Unlike many other Sicilian rental agencies, Case Vacanze is IT proficient, transparent, responsive, and multi-lingual. You can pay by credit card (still unusual for native Sicilian rental operations) and work with them via e-mail ( for all requirements except for time sensitive issues to which they respond promptly via phone (+39 329 5959548). Their prices are quite reasonable, especially outside the high season months of July and August, when you do not want to be in Sicily anyway. Finally, their website is very good:

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