Trifecta is a Three Time Winner

We love Ken’s Artisan Bakery on NW 23rd and the Trifect Annex in the Pine Street Market, so it is no surprise that we also enjoyed Ken Forkish’s Portland gastrosphere Trifecta on SE 6th Ave.

Trifecta serves up some of the best pizza (sorry, that’s flatbread in Forkish-speak) that we’ve had in Portland. The crust is thin, crispy, and wood-fired while the ingredients on top were all fresh and delicious. The turnip green pesto that is spread on the bottom of the ‘za sounds a bit strange, but it provided just the right foundation for the rest of the toppings. Two other excellent dishes we have tried include the deviled eggs whose toppings change daily and the wood oven roasted rapini with caesar dressing, bread crumbs, and grant padano. We recommend both highly.

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