Sala Thai – Local Knowledge From the Mouth of Babes

We found ourselves at Sala Thai in Vancouver at the fag end of happy hour. We sat at the bar (closer to the beer taps) and ordered appies until the last grain of jasmine rice fell through the happy hourglass. The beer and nibbles were quite decent.

Skip lunch and get to Sala Thai at 3 PM for the start of happy hour. That way two diners can sample every ‘tiser on the menu for around 25 loonies total (excluding booze of course, but that is deeply discounted as well). The crispy whole ocean perch was especially tasty.

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Hellacious Dim Sum is Just the Tip of this Gastro-Berg

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant is a ten-minute stroll from the Aberdeen Center on Number 3 Road, but for Montucky round eyes it is the functional equivalent of traveling to The People’s Republic sans jet lag. We managed five dishes before last call, which arrived in time to stop us from foundering as there were about fifty more I desperately wanted to try.

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