Travel Journal – Monte Pellegrino

Our adoring fans at MagoGuide know me as editor, photographer, and code developer, but perhaps you didn’t realize that I have a love of travel writing as well? I always keep a journal while on our adventures and thought that it might be fun to share some of those stories with you. We’ll begin with a memorable hike up Monte Pellegrino on a visit to Palermo.

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The MagoGuide 2016 Grand Tour on Pantelleria

Team Mago is currently on Pantelleria, a small island about midway between Sicily (62 miles away) and Tunisia (37 miles away). Absolutely everything about Pantelleria is interesting including the geology, geography, history, agriculture, people, and recreation.

Check back every once in awhile. We’ll be updating this post while we’re on the island.

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Easter in Western Sicily

Easter in Western Sicily tells the tale of our time in Trapani and Palermo to celebrate Easter of 2012. It was so much fun that we turned it into a book.

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