The Wayfarer Restaurant: or Why I Hate TripAdvisor

Although the beer was good and came at frequent intervals, none of the food we had was memorable and the service was really, really slow. The razor club was a culinary war crime. Wonderful large razor clams were somehow tortured into a patty and then deep-fried into hockey puck-level toughness, served with uncrispy bacon, limp lettuce, cardboard masquerading as tomatoes, all on a soft and soggy “ house made” hamburger bun. Now that’s real eatin’.

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As Easy as Duck Soup

Duck Soup is a small, pleasant, and intimate restaurant in the midst of San Juan Island. The location alone makes it a desired dining destination. Unfortunately, everything about Duck Soup from the wait staff to the wine list to the kitchen is just a little bit spacey. Scallops with sweet pea semi-fredo was the best thing we were served. The tomato fennel soup, however, was too thin and the fennel too dominant.

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Backdoor Kitchen to Tasty Food

Backdoor Kitchen is the best restaurant we tried on San Juan Island.

Scallops in a beure blanc sauce were perfectly cooked while the shitake mushrooms acted like sponges for the sauce. Soy sesame glazed cod was the best piece of fish I have eaten in a long time.

Don’t fail to give them a try if you’re ever in Friday Harbor.

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Wolf in the Fog or Cruise Ship on the Rocks?

Six fabulous courses, each paired with an excellent wine, two superb chefs, and one amazing location. Tofino’s vibrant boat-to-table cuisine was on display at Wolf in the Fog restaurant’s recent wine pairing dinner featuring the cuisine of local chef Nicholas Nutting and Vancouver’s David Hawksworth. Their collaboration produced an all-seafood five course panoply paired with wonderful vintages from France, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, and South Africa. Pastry chef Joel Ashmore supplied an etherial dessert to wrap up the evening’s festivities. All the seafood was very local and sustainably harvested. To top it all off service was flawless, professional yet personable in a very Tofino sort of way.

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Adrift in Anacortes Washington

The Adrift restaurant is a very good reason to visit Anacortes. The food is tasty, the staff wonderful, and the atmosphere just enough funky to be fun. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Adrift is well worth a visit.

The oysters were a solid “A”. Pan fried rather than fryolatered, these Kumamotos were some of the freshest I have ever eaten. They were expertly cooked with a crunchy exterior giving way to a juicy unctuous U-freakin’-MAMI center. My quibble was with the breading, which consisted of panko breadcrumbs, toasted nori, and sesame seeds. The seaweed thing was pretty cool, adding a distinctive oceanic layer to the dish’s briny flavor profile.

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