As Easy as Duck Soup

Duck Soup is a small, pleasant, and intimate restaurant in the midst of San Juan Island. The location alone makes it a desired dining destination. Unfortunately, everything about Duck Soup from the wait staff to the wine list to the kitchen is just a little bit spacey. Scallops with sweet pea semi-fredo was the best thing we were served. The tomato fennel soup, however, was too thin and the fennel too dominant.

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Backdoor Kitchen to Tasty Food

Backdoor Kitchen is the best restaurant we tried on San Juan Island.

Scallops in a beure blanc sauce were perfectly cooked while the shitake mushrooms acted like sponges for the sauce. Soy sesame glazed cod was the best piece of fish I have eaten in a long time.

Don’t fail to give them a try if you’re ever in Friday Harbor.

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