20110511_DSCN0152How am I supposed to use MagoGuide?  Good question and one that we get all the time.  There is no simple answer because it depends on what you want to get out of it.

For example, if you’re just interested in following along with our adventures, you might check out our journal entries and read about the markets, restaurants, hikes, etc. along with the photographic evidence.

If you are going to visit a certain place and want more information, select Search from the navigation on the left, type in the name of the place (“Barcelona”,”Sicily”, or “Pantelleria” are places where we have a lot of information), and click on the Search button.  You get a list that includes a link to the full page of information. Finally, narrow down the results by using the filters (e.g., select “Restaurants” if that’s what you’re interested in).

20110511_DSCN0237-HeaderHow is MagoGuide.com different from a blog? Blogs are great for what they are, but they’re usually narratives with very little backup material to help you actually use the information (e.g., maps, videos, coordinates, etc.). MagoGuide not only provides blog-like content (in our Journals), but also links to everywhere including maps. In addition, MagoGuide is smart. The entries recommended in the “Related Items” are targeted to your interests. Show us another blog that does that!

20120605_DSCN3617Do I need a login and password?  Right now the answer is no.  Anyone can come and explore all the content on the website.  In the near future we’re we’ll be adding the ability to login so that you can participate in MagoGuide as a member, customizing your experience as well as sharing information with other like minded Mago-ites.

How do you guys make money?  We’re beginning with the MagoScrolls.  So if you like MagoGuide.com, you can express your love by buying the scrolls from our Author’s Page. We are also eventually going to employ something called a freemium business model for all the content on the website.  A good deal of the information is available free, but eventually we’ll also provide premium content that customers can either buy one by one or get access through a membership.  We will probably also eventually subscribe to advertisers, but that’s still under discussion.

How are you hooked into the social networking sites?  Are you kidding? We are so connected.

See what I mean?

Is your material copyrighted?  You bet your booties. Feel free to share the information on this website with your friends, but please don’t resell it.