Float on the North Fork – Photos

Morgan fishing on the drift boat

Last year the NFLA held a fund raiser auction where we had the good fortune of bidding on and winning a float trip down the river for two people in Richard Hildner’s McKenzie River boat. It was too late in the summer last year to float, but we had the opportunity early in July of this year.  Nobody wanted to be left out of the party, though, so Richard had Morgan with his father Ray in the boat, I had Richard’s wife Suzanne Daniel in a two person inflatable kayak with me, and Debo Powers floated along beside us in her own kayak.

Following are the excellent photographs that Suzanne took while we were floating from the Canadian border to Polebridge.

Richard is an expert at maneuvering the boat.  Here are some shots with him, Ray, and Morgan… Morgan sometimes fishing.

After a couple of hours floating and going through some terrific rapids (where Suzanne understandably didn’t want to risk her camera) Richard and Suzanne brought out a gourmet lunch to serve everyone, complete with a table and achair for Ray.

Lunch included gazpacho soup, grilled salmon, and a delicious salad.

The perfect lunch copyWe floated on down past Ford, Sondreson meadow, and Whale Creek, finally making it to the Polebridge take out about seven hours later.  It was an adventure (especially the Kintla rapids at Wurtz), and oh so fun!  Here are a couple of great pictures of Debo in her kayak




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