Grizzly Bears in the Back Yard

Momma grizzly and two cubsWe looked out the window this morning and there was the mother grizzly with her two cubs at the pond.  One of the cubs was actually in the pond taking a bath.  By the time I got the camera out, though, they had started moving through the back yard on their usual path to the woods.

On the way, momma stopped for a dig at the ground squirrels.  You go girl!

Momma grizzly and two cubsHere they are on their way again to the back woods.

Once in the woods, momma grizzly gave a lesson on how to dig under rocks for food.  This is the cub following her example.

All of these photos were taken with a telephoto lens.  Never, ever get close to a grizzly bear.  And if they get too close to your buildings or people, make certain you have your bear spray handy.  And if you’re in a safe spot, get out the pots, pans, and wooden spoons to make as much noise as you can to discourage them from hanging around where people be.

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Patti Hart

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2 thoughts on “Grizzly Bears in the Back Yard

    1. Thanks, Gerry. I wish I had gotten shots of the cub who went swimming. Those who saw it said that he swam to the middle of the pond and momma had to go in after him to make him come out. Sounds like a troublemaker to me!

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