Hike to Hornet

We took a hike up to Hornet Lookout this morning. The Hornet Lookout is in the Flathead National Forest about 50 miles from Kalispell, Montana, and just driving to the parking area is a scenic adventure.

Although Hornet is no longer an active lookout, it is being maintained by the Forest Service as a rental cabin. Folks can reserve, get a door code, and spend the night on sleeping cots provided in the cabin. Be warned, though. You’ll need to take your own water and be prepared to use an outhouse.

It takes about an hour to hike the 1.5 steep miles up from the parking area. And this hike is pretty unique for the North Fork, primarily because you weave in and out of burn areas from the 2003 Wedge Canyon Fire and some remaining stands of pine trees. The burn area this year has been taken over by bear grass.

Enough said. We thought we would share some photos. Enjoy!

Anyone who has been near the North Fork has heard about the crazy amount of bear grass this year.

Bear grass on the trail to Hornet Lookout

Hornet Lookout is just so cool and the Forest Service has done a wonderful job maintaining it.

Hornet Lookout. Cute, right?

Here are some of those purple mountains that we’ve been singing about lately. This is looking back towards the east, past the North Fork River and into Glacier National Park. What a view!

The view was all hazy and mysterious

The hike to Nasukoin mountain is one of our favorites. Viewing it from Hornet Lookout, we could see that there is still a lot of snow on Nasukoin. Check out our post Hike to Nasukoin.

Nasukoin mountain still had plenty of snow

Finally, look at the cute grouse we found. She was just beautiful. This was taken with a telephoto lens because we didn’t want to get too close. She probably had little grouse babies around. Want to learn more about the North Fork grouse, check out Morgan’s post Montucky’s Juicy Sprucies; the Hunt, Field Dressing, the Prep, the Feast.

Look at the cute grouse

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  1. Wow, Patti — somehow I missed this post until now, and just have to comment on the photos… they are amazing! Especially that one of Nasukoin — nice job!

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