Il Dammuso

When you are coming to Pantelleria, your only real choice for accommodations is to get into touch with Giovanni Matta at Il Dammuso and have him help you find a place to stay, rent a car, plan a boat trip around the island, schedule a local wine tasting, and more.
21-bGiovanni speaks excellent English and is not only a good at matching people with dammusi but is also one of our very favorite people. We’ve been to the island many, many times and he always finds us the best places. There are different levels of service from just finding a dammuso to stay on this beautiful island or getting the royal treatment. Here’s a excerpt from his website talking about the Pantelleria Collection, geared towards the higher end traveler. In order to provide a truer and more authentic travel experience, we have shied away from the sterile, identikit atmosphere found in so many luxury hotels and instead offer houses that express their owners’ personalities, in harmony with the island’s way of life. 20-b23-bThe owners of each dammuso provide you with a carefully selected staff to guarantee a discreet, reliable service and outstanding comfort. You can also enjoy food prepared by a private chef and tailor the day’s menu to your liking, whether it be for a relaxed dinner in the garden or a picnic to take on a sailing trip. We offer guidance throughout the entire process, starting from your choice of dammuso and continuing until you arrive at the airport. You can rely on us to book any additional services required, such as flights or car, scooter and boat rental. You will even have a dedicated telephone line to us during your stay and we will always ready to answer any questions you may have. Email: Giovanni Matta Website: [mapsmarker layer=”11″] map_icon_sicily

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