Mago Meal – North Fork 2013: Pictures

Zucchini flowers

Towards the beginning of August of 2013, the North Fork Landowners Association held a fund raising auction.  The goal was to raise enough money to refinish the floor at the hall.  As a part of the auction, MagoGuide offered up a Mago Wine Dinner complete with paired wines.  There is an extensive post by Morgan coming out of this dinner to include the story, the menu, and recipes.  But we couldn’t wait for that to share the pictures.  So here is a preview in pictures.

The Auction

Here’s where it starts with Richard Hildner working hard as the auctioneer.

Richard the auctioneer

Going to market

Our goal for this dinner was to source it locally as much as possible.  Throughout you’re going to see examples of produce that were donated by neighbors from their gardens.  Here are some other places we went.


Kalispell Kreamery makes the best milk products.  They work on the honor system which means when you drive up to their farm you can simply pick up product from their outdoor refrigerators and put your money in the box.  Note the security camera, though.  As Morgan says… trust, then verify.

Farm to Market Pork is where we went to get the ingredients for the lasagna’s Bolognese sauce.

The last stop was at the Whitefish Farmer’s Market which takes place every Tuesday afternoon in the summer.



Fave Crudo: North Fork fava beans and provolone picante wrapped in prosciutto.

Time to get the fly rods out and catch the trout on Ray’s pond. Trotta in Saor: Fried HartsCore trout in a sweet and sour marinade with raisins, onions and pine nuts.

Cleaned trout


Trotta in Saor

Lee’s garden yielded a bounty of squash blossoms supplemented by those from HartsCore and Debo’s gardens. Deconstructed fried zucchini flowers: fried zucchini flower chips, fried anchovy skeletons, fried caper berries, oil and pepperoncini soaked salt cured anchovy, small mozzarella balls, and cherry tomatoes on a skewer.

Fried zucchini flower chips with fried anchovy skeletons

Bruleed goat cheese:with aged balsamico, and a small salad of fresh greens.

Bruleed goat's cheese

Primi – Duo of Lasagna

The Bolognese sauce for the Lasagna Verde a la Bolognese was started a week before the dinner.  It takes at least two days to cook on a low simmer.

Bolognese sauce

Both of these lasagnas have a ton of béchamel.  Here’s how it’s made step-by-step.

Lasagna Con le Verdure Locale: Egg pasta with HartsCore carrots, HartsCore and Secrest zucchini, and Flathead broccoli served with fresh tomato and pesto sauces.

Lasagna Verde a la Bolognese: Spinach pasta with beef ragu and béchamel

The final results!  The Lasagna Con le Verdure Locale is on the left and the Verde a la Bolognese is on the right.

Secondi – Porchettina

North Fork Fritedda: North Fork fava beans and peas sautéed with HartsCore onions in Big Horn Sheep stock.

North Fork Fritedda


We started looking for the pig locally, but it just didn’t work out.  See our post called Mago Meal – Finding a pig.

So we ordered it from the web.  Here is the final Porchettina: Boned and stuffed suckling pig with potatoes.


Roasted peaches with home-made Crema Catalana ice cream

Roasted peach with creme catalan ice cream

And finally the big day arrives.  Here are some photos of the tables, guests, and staff!

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