Mago on the Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Adventures along Hadrian’s Wall

Constructed between 122 and 128 AD, Hadrian’s Wall stood twenty feet high; a supremely physical manifestation of imperial power built with twenty-four million whitewashed stones that were visible for miles along the frontier of Scotland and England. Almost 2,000 years later large stretches of the Wall survive as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and yet historians remain in vehement disagreement as to its purpose.

For ten days in 2013, during one of the hottest and driest Julys in local living memory, we walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall Path, which bisects England between the Irish and North Seas — some 86 miles from Bowness-on-Solway in the west to Wallsend in the east.

With 146 pages and almost 200 photographs, Mago on the Wall is our best travel book ever.

Mago on the Wall


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Here is a map of all the places we talk about in Mago on the Wall.

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