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Don’t you wish that you had a good friend who could make solid recommendations on where to go and what to do in Portland Oregon? Well, MagoGuide is here to help.

MagoGuide Portland focuses on providing travelers like you with information about Portland that is really useful for planning a visit, while you’re there, or just to get to know Portland a bit better. MagoGuide Portland lets you take advantages of all our experiences in Portland, both the good and the bad, to figure out where to go, what to do, and what to avoid.

What’s been added to the Latest Version?

We’ve added four new restaurants to our places in the latest version…

  • Tapalaya – Chef Anh Luu’s small plate “Asian-Cajun tapas” menu is a great introduction to food that is at once traditional and post-fusion. Tapalaya’s playful decor, helpful and friendly staff, and combined PNW/Big Easy conviviality make it very easy to return again and again. Tapalaya got a rare 4 Rostra Rating!
  • American Local – Using our famous walking-around-while-hungry-and-thirsty (WAWHAT) method, we stumbled onto The American Local in Portland’s Richmond district. It was so good that we made our way back there within days to get a second helping. The American Local serves small plates for sharing called New West Drinking Food. Team Mago highly recommends that you give it a try.
  • Farmhouse Kitchen – Farmhouse Kitchen may not be the best Thai restaurant in Portland, but it is great competition for Pok Pok. The Panang Neua (slow braised bone-in beef short rib in a Panang curry served with grilled broccolini, bell pepper, onion, fried Thai basil, and blue rice) proved to be the longest short rib I have ever encountered, and if it is not Chef Saengsawang’s signature dish then it should be. An amazing braise, unctuous and spicy with just a little bit of tooth.
  • Castagna Cafe – We just don’t get it. The Cafe Castagna burger didn’t come close to many of the burgers at some of our other favorite eateries. The pizza was good. The crust was the key, lightly blackened, crisp, and very flavorful. The other ingredients were of good quality and sparingly applied. And yet, and yet… what is the fuss all about?

Update your Portland App to 2.2 and get more information, photos, and a map for these four new places. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to get MagoGuide Portland and get the best reviews ever of almost 100 portland places!

Here you go

Go ahead and click one of these icons and be one of the first of your friends to get the new and improve MagoGuide Portland.
MagoGuide Portland V2

MagoGuide Portland V2

What MagoGuide Portland Gives You

MagoGuide Portland was designed to be super easy to use. The focus is on providing suggestions that you’ll love with the minimum of fuss.

  • We start with venues that let you jump right into cool places and fun activities.
  • Next, there’s a list of places that you can sort to find just what you’re looking for.
  • You get information about places including a rating (our own rostra rating) and why we’re recommending them (or not). With restaurants, for example, we tell you all about our favorite dishes, the best times to visit, whether they have a worthy happy hour, the best beer… you get the idea.
  • Want even more information? You also get quick links to ALL of our free blog posts that provide in-depth analysis of the Portland scene.
  • Search you ask? Of course. So you can search “Asian,” for example, and get back all the great places that serve up that best Asian food in Portland.
  • You can “heart” favorites (how sweet) and share them with your friends.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be in Portland, you can use our interactive map to see what’s nearby and get directions.
  • Found just what you’re looking for? We have live contact information so you can make quick calls or check out their website.
  • Loving it and want to share it with friends, we have a share button that lets you post a place on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And now MagoGuide Portland has been updated and is better than ever

Our brand new Version  includes:

  • An even friendlier user experience
  • New places to explore – 92 and counting
  • A new list of venues to make exploring our places even easier
  • Prompts that explain exactly what you’re looking at
  • And updated version of our FAQ. Get help using MagoGuide Portland!

Please, please click on the App Store image above to download our MagoGuide Portland app and give it a rating. Even better, give it a review. And use the facebook button above to share it with your friends.

MagoGuide Portland V2

So why MagoGuide Portland?

First of all, MagoGuide Portland doesn’t rely on your having either a wireless or carrier signal. Although you would need those for links to directions, websites, and such, all of the MagoGuide Portland is loaded when the app is loaded. That also makes it super fast. No waiting around for information to load (or not) from the web.

Next, in almost every case, the other apps depend on users rating the place and/or writing a review. While this information might be useful, in our experience we’ve often found it just plain wrong.

For example, if a rating is based on just a few votes, that’s not really all that helpful. The owner can easily get his friends to give it a high rating. But even if the rating is based on a lot of votes, it can still be skewed one way or the other. How many of the voters have eaten at the place more than once?

As for the reviews… again sometimes helpful. But how often have you been put off by a poisonous review that might have been written by the chef’s ex-wife’s best girlfriend. In other words, you just don’t know.

Some apps have been sponsored by the local government to promote businesses or by organizations that take subscriptions from local businesses that want to be included. Let’s face it; although the information might be accurate, it just CAN’T be unbiased.

If you want an honest opinion by folks who have visited these places time after time, if you want help focusing your search for the best places to go, if you find yourself often disagreeing with the other app recommendations, then you’re going to love MagoGuide Portland.

What’s Next?

Our plan is to roll out a series of guides after Portland including Barcelona and Rome. Stayed tuned.

Have a suggestion on how to improve the app?

If you have an idea, let us know!

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