MagoGuide Winter Tour 2013: Jamjuree

As told in a previous post, we’re currently on our MagoGuide Winter Tour 2013.  In that earlier post, we talked about our time in Spokane, a stop along the way to Seattle.

We arrived in Seattle late in the afternoon and started settling into the Capitol Hill apartment we’ve rented.  This included a trip to the store to get essentials such as coffee, milk, and hand sanitizer.  We checked out the WiFi connection, then headed out the door to explore the neighborhood.

What we had heard and read of Capital Hill said that it was funky and a haven for gays and lesbians.  Good by us.  What we’ve seen so far seems to confirm this assessment, but it’s early days and we’ll have to report back on our final impressions.


Address: 509 15th Ave E, Seattle WA 98112— Get directions
Telephone: (206) 323-4255
Hours of operation: Sun. - Thurs.: 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM; Fri.- Sat.: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Get more info....
Rostra rating: 2

The Thai restaurant Jamjuree was recommended by the owners of our rental apartment in Seattle. Its strengths are large portions and low prices. The food is not bad, it just isn’t all that exciting. The ugly menus seem extensive at first, but they really boil down to deciding what type of sauce goes with an unvarying choice of basic proteins or tofu. The waitress had a very hard time telling us anything in English, but most importantly she could not even read the bar tap so we went with bottled Thai beer, which was just fine with the mediocre food. The service was efficient, however. They like to turn tables and the place was full of locals who must like the cost of food since Seattle has some great Asian restaurants and this was not one of them.

The fresh rolls with peanut dipping sauces were enormous but their fillings consisted mainly of lettuce and Thai basil.

Fried calamari with a sweet, sour, hot dipping sauce

The crispy calamari with a sweet, sour, and hot dipping sauce was fresh and correctly cooked but overly breaded and most detrimentally there were no tentacles.

Red curry with seafood

The seafood in my red curry was fresh and perfectly cooked but it came in a lake of only medium spicy curry.

Green beans with pork in garlic sauce

The green beans with pork in garlic sauce were about the same in terms of quality.

Incredibly, the kitchen burned the steamed jasmine rice. There must be better, albeit more expensive, Thai food in this town and MagoGuide is going to find it.

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