MagoGuide’s Travel Compatibility Quiz Actually Works!

Now this is fun. We discovered that two would-be travel companions from Quarterlifecrisis.travels used MagoGuide’s Travel Compatibility Quiz to figure out whether or not they would make good traveling companions. And they did a live video of the whole thing.

We totally took their comments to heart. For example, we changed “vacation” to “travel” because this is all about traveling together whether or not you’re on vacation.

So the rest of you out there need to get busy and take the quiz. As these two have proven, it’s fun and entertaining. And if you do a video, include a link to the quiz and we’ll make sure you get a proper shout out!

WordPress developers… love the quiz and want the code? Find out how here.

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Patti Hart

Patti has been traveling the world with Morgan since 1974 and loving every minute of it.  She's responsible for the photography and editing on the MagoGuide website as well as making occasional contributions.  Patti also generates the graphics and edits the MagoGuide products (e.g., the Mago Scrolls).  She recently built and published the iPhone and iPad application for MagoGuide. Finally, she is responsible for this website including code that tailors the content to what readers are interested in seeing.  In other words, a very busy lady.

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