Nanci Brooks – travel agent extraordinaire

Nanci Brooks is our cruise ship travel agent. That’s right MagoGuide has a travel agent. As MagoGuide readers know, we are very DIY. We do not think that high-end travel should involve paying the vig that middle personages charge for less than ten clicks on an internet site, hasty, homogeneous, and often mendacious “research”, faux “personalized service”, etc. Nanci is the exemplary exception that proves our rule; a genuine professional in a field littered with shills for mass tourism companies who are thinly disguised as “luxury travel experts.”

We started using Nanci to book our transitioning cruise ships to Europe and back because this market remains particularly opaque even in the brave new world of cyber-assisted travel bookings. But we have stayed with Nanci because she is very, very good at her job. She is responsive: one never goes much longer than 24 hours without a reply to a query regardless of the day of the week. She looks out for her clients: Nanci has saved us several grand by paying attention to price cuts on cabins we had already booked, which is not something any cruise ship company bothers to tell you once they have your ducats. She is always on the lookout for upgrades and the odd complimentary bottle of fiz in the cabin on arrival goes down real nice after the boarding scrum.

20120329_DSCN0355As a luxury travel aficionada, Nanci actually walks the walk—or cruises the cruise, whatever. She has been most everywhere one might be interested in going in style. And what’s not to like about a travel agent that specializes in wine as well as food and exotic destinations? In short MagoGuide recommends Nanci if you simply want to book a luxury cruise with minimum hassle or have her design a bespoke Lucullan extravaganza. Here is her contact info:

Nanci Brooks Agency: An Independently Owned and Operated Affiliate of Avoya Travel
Direct telephone: 800-624-2858
Local telephone in Fort Lauderdale:  954-985-8404


Also be sure to check out her specialized Wine and Sea Adventures website for decadent amphibious oenophiles at

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