Portland Spring

We’ve returned to Portland for the spring and are loving it. In addition to visiting some old haunts, we’ve discovered some new restaurants, visited a famous food cart, explored the Wildwood Trial in Forest Park, and returned to the PSU market to see an expanded offering.

Le Vieux

Unfortunately Le Vieux closed in the spring of 2016. Too bad. There was certainly promise in the duo.

The Fireside Restaurant

Address: 801 NW 23rd Ave, Portland OR 97210— Get directions
Website: www.pdxfireside.com
Telephone: (503) 477-9505
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Rostra rating: 3

The Fireside restaurant has been recommended by several folks. So one cool and rainy afternoon we walked into the restaurant in time for happy hour. All the food was good and the Belgium IPA especially nice.

Lamb corndog with curried aioli and house smoked ketchup

Morgan’s lamb corndog with curried aioli and house smoked ketchup was a big hit.

Grilled cheese white cheddar and potato leek soup

I enjoyed the grilled cheese white cheddar and potato leek soup.

Chickpea fritters with za'atar aioli

We both agreed that the chickpea fritters with za’atar aioli were good, but nearly as good as the ones that you can get in Sicily.

Gastro Mania Food Truck

Ordering up at Gastro ManiaPortland has food carts and we’re thinking that Gastro Mania on 19th in NW is one of our favorites.

Grilled swordfish special over saladMorgan had a grilled swordfish that was exceptional.

Chicken Gyro with plenty of stuffing

I had the chicken gyro which was both huge and good.

The Wildwood Trail in Forest Park

Address: 2935 NW Thurman St, Portland OR 97210— Get directions
Website: www.forestparkconservancy.org
Telephone: (503) 823-4492
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Rostra rating: 4.5

Forest Park, accessible from trailheads in Northwest Portland, is stunning. Filled with streams, trees, ferns, and flowers, trails inside Forest Park provide refuge for hikers and joggers alike. Sorry, no bikes are allowed.

We walked along the Wildwood Trail heading north for about 6 miles, then turned around and hiked back. We met joggers, picnickers, and many, many people with dogs. Here are some of our photos from the trail.

PSU Market

Address: 1914 SW Park Ave, Portland OR 97201— Get directions
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Rostra rating: 4.5

The PSU market was our first market of our December visit to Portand and we thought it great.  Many, many stalls with produce, meat, honey, mushrooms, truffles, just about everything that you would expect to find at a summer-time market in December. We returned for their spring market and were not disappointed.

We had lunch at a food stand called “Tastebud” that was selling thick crust pizza.  Good stuff.

Here are some photos to enjoy.

Spring Map

Here is a map of the new items from this spring. For our complete map of Portland, click here.

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