Mago Markets & Meals – Still Working on it

In our upcoming book “Mago Markets & Meals,” each chapter takes you to markets throughout US and Western Europe, providing advice that is based on the unique culture and content of each market region. Calling on our first hand experience and using a series of stories and Mago Tips, we will help you avoid our mistakes, take advantage of our strokes of genius, and in general plan and cook a great meal using the best ingredients found in these markets.

Are you in Barcelona? Then avoid the touristy La Boqueria market off the Ramblas and shop with the locals at Santa Catarina or Sant Antoni markets. Are you in Portland in the dead of winter? Don’t despair. The Portland State University market is open every Saturday summer or winter. Find yourself in the wilds of Northwest Montana in the early fall? Then get a upland game bird license and shop the wide open market of mother nature for grouse. Perhaps that is a bit extreme, but it makes for interesting reading.

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MagoGuide Winter Tour 2014 – Week 2

The fun continued into week 2 of the 2014 Winter tour. This week we discovered Pok Pok, Ataula, and St. Jack. We also decided we wanted to return next spring for many months to continue exploring. Portland has become our new favorite city in the US.

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