The Best of MagoGuide 2011-2012


Want to see the best of what Mago Guide had to offer during the early years all in one place?  Now is your chance.  In our book The Best of MagoGuide 2011-2012 we take you on a journey through Sicily and the midwest of the United States with restaurant reviews and stories about our travels.


The Best of MagoGuide 2011-2012 is only available on Kindle. Click the button below to make a purchase.


The Best of MagoGuide 2011-2012 doesn’t have any reviews.  Why not?  Heck, we don’t know.  Buy the book and then you can write a review either on or in the comments below.


Here is a map of all the places we talk about in The Best of MagoGuide 2011-2012.

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Morgan Hart was launched in 2011 as a website and virtual storefront to showcase Patti's software and Morgan's content. Dedicated to slow travel, culinary excess, and ripping good yarns, MagoGuide is the digital scriptoria for the Mago Scrolls, Morgan's historical fiction series about the Punic Wars in general and one Mago of Syracuse in particular. Although Morgan has written a great deal of non-fiction over the years in the form of specialized journal articles, book reviews, op-ed pieces, and (his personal favorite) the most unpopular coffee table book in the history of the planet, he always viewed himself as a happily frustrated novelist. Get more information about Morgan's novel and travel writing at our Products page.

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