The Wild Kingdom of Montana – Photos

Canada geese land in the pond

Morgan was on the back porch cooking dinner on the grill while I was playing with my camera. All of a sudden, it was like the wild kingdom.

First, we looked over and next to the garden was a doe with two very cute fawns. We first saw the twins a couple of weeks ago and it’s not unusual to have them come out of the willows towards dusk.  It’s been fun to watch them grow and become more bold with each passing day. Morgan keeps referring to them as lunch and dinner.

Then while we were eating dinner, I heard what sounded like a classroom full of children in the yard. We looked out the window and saw a family of Canada geese landing in the pond. We always greet visits from any wildlife on the pond, either winged or four footed, with some concern since they might take an interest in the trout. But these geese seemed to be in search of a rest and a paddle.  They were beautiful.

Walking back to our house with my camera after dinner I was treated to a typical, stunning Montana sunset.  I wish that I and my camera could do it justice.

A beautiful sunset

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Patti Hart

Patti has been traveling the world with Morgan since 1974 and loving every minute of it.  She's responsible for the photography and editing on the MagoGuide website as well as making occasional contributions.  Patti also generates the graphics and edits the MagoGuide products (e.g., the Mago Scrolls).  She recently built and published the iPhone and iPad application for MagoGuide. Finally, she is responsible for this website including code that tailors the content to what readers are interested in seeing.  In other words, a very busy lady.

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