Walking the Newport Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Address: End of Long Street, Newport SA42 0TJ United Kingdom— Get directions
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Newport, Pembrokeshire is certainly a pretty town and well worth a visit in its own right. But what we enjoyed most during our visit was using Newport as the starting point for another great hike along the Welsh Pembrokeshire Coast Path. You can begin your walk from anywhere in the center of town towards the Afon Nyfer river. Soon, you’ll run into a path that takes you along the river and eventually onto the coast path.

We’d recommend that you turn left (West) out of Newport. From there, just follow the signs and walk as far as you like.

The first thing you find after reaching the bay is a small seaside village. We found this description on the Newport Town Council website:

Along the seaside between the quays and the Cwm there is an attractive jumble of little salty cottages and more substantial houses served by small tracks and lanes. Some of them have walled gardens. Originally there must have been a small fishing community here, and some of the cottages are probably more than 400 years old. Other cottages were built later by the merchants and mariners of the port. In the 1800’s, with the development of the early tourist industry, a number of substantial lodging-houses were built; and from 1850 onwards many of the Parrog holidaymakers came from the South Wales mining valleys.

The Church of St. Brynach the Abbot at Cwm-yr-Eglwys

You’ll eventually come up on a little spot called Cwm-yr-Eglwys and the Church of St. Brynach the Abbot. Wikipedia had this to say about that…

The church of St. Brynach is on the site of an ancient llan, and the dedication is pre-Norman. The building suffered storm damage in 1850 and 1851 when the chancel was destroyed by the sea, the church footings left hanging over an abyss. The graveyard was severely damaged, the level being reduced by at least three feet, exposing human remains in large quantity.

Yikes! So then, what’s a “llan?” Had to look that one up… Welsh for sanctified land occupied by communities of Christian converts.

Regardless, the walk is simply beautiful. Check it out if you get to the Newport area.

Mago Tip: There are actually two Newports in Wales. Don’t get them confused. This one is the smaller of the two and has the extra designation of “Pembrokeshire.”

Blas at Fronlas
Blas at Fronlas was recommended to us by Judy Cooper, owner of the Cnapan Restaurant and Rooms. And it was a good choice; the service was good, the outside seating very pleasant, and the food was delicious. The best part was that it was within a short walking distance from the Cnapan. In other words, the perfect place for lunch.
Address: Market St, Newport SA42 0PH United Kingdom— Get directions
Website: blasatfronlas.co
Telephone: +44 1239 820065
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Rostra rating: 3.5
Carreg Coetan Arthur
This is a totally cool neolithic tomb with capstone over 13' long supported by two of the four surviving upright stones. Neolithic means that it dates from around 3000 BC.
Address: 1 Carreg Coetan, Newport SA42 0LT United Kingdom— Get directions
Website: cadw.gov.wales
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Rostra rating: 4
Cnapan Bed and Breakfast
Newport is a nice place to visit and the Cnapan is a nice place to stay while you're there.
Address: East St., Newport Wales SA42 0SY United Kingdom— Get directions
Website: cnapan.co.uk
Telephone: +44 1239 820575
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Rostra rating: 3.5
Golden Lion Pub
Not to be confused with the faux boozer on Cunard's flagship, Newport's Golden Lion is definitely a gastropub. The service is professional, efficient, and quite friendly given the large amount of covers that this sprawling pub with rooms turns on any given evening in the summer. Our meal at The Golden Lion was one of the best pub experiences of the entire MagoGuide 2016 Grand Tour.
Address: East St, Newport SA42 0SY United Kingdom— Get directions
Website: thegoldenlion.co.uk
Telephone: +44 1239 820321
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Rostra rating: 3.5
Newport Pembrokeshire Coast Path
Newport is a great place to start another hike along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. You'll eventually come up on a little spot called Cwm yr Eglwys and its beautiful graveyard by the water.
Address: End of Long Street, Newport SA42 0TJ United Kingdom— Get directions
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Rostra rating: 4.5
St. Mary’s Church
We walked up to Newport's church, called St. Mary's, early one morning. It felt completely deserted and forlorn, just the way a Welsh church should. On one side were a set of graves and a nice view looking back towards the Usk river.
Address: Church Street, Newport SA42 0PP United Kingdom— Get directions
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Rostra rating: 3
The Newport Market
They closed off Market Street and set up tents, booths, and trucks selling fresh vegetables, cheeses, cooked pies, cakes and breads, locally reared meats and hand crafted things. It was well organized, clean, and very colorful. If you can time you visit to Newport on market day, then all the better. It's open on Mondays, from 0900 to 1300, weather permitting, from the beginning of April to the end of December.
Address: Market Street, Newport SA42 0PP Newport— Get directions
Website: http://www.newport-pembs.co.uk/index.php/street-market
Telephone: +44 1239 821127
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Rostra rating: 3.5

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