Welcome to Southeast Sicily

Tonnara at Vendicari Nature Preserve in Southeast Sicily

We’re in Southeast Sicily at the moment and filling in that portion of the map with restaurants and sights that we’re visiting.  Check them out.  More extensive reviews will be forthcoming.

Agricola Occhipinti
If you ever want to learn all about the art of good Sicilian wine making, then take the tour at the Occhipinti winery outside of Vittoria.
Address: SP68, Vittoria 97019 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.agricolaocchipinti.it
Telephone: 39 340 851 7920
Email: nicola@agricolaocchipinti.it
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Rostra rating: 4
Andrea Sapori Montani
This was another wonderful meal in Southeast Sicily. We highly recommend both the town and the restaurant to anyone in the area.
Address: via G. Judica, 4, Palazzolo Acreide 96010 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.ristoranteandrea.it/english-ristorante_andrea_palazzolo_acreide.html
Telephone: 338 8519092
Email: info@ristoranteandrea.it
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Rostra rating: 4
This is one of the top restaurants Team Mago has eaten at on our 2014 visit to Southeast Sicily. It was a pleasant surprise with wonderful food and great service.
Address: Via dei Girdini, 1, Ragusa Ibla 97100 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.anticoconventoibla.it
Telephone: 39 347 147 2915
Email: info@anticoconventoibla.it
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Rostra rating: 4
Il Consiglio di Sicilia
This was another excellent restaurant we visited in Southeast Sicily serving local recipes made with local ingredients, but with a very unusual twist.
Address: Via Casmene 79, Donnalucata 97018 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.ilconsigliodisicilia.com
Telephone: 340 944 8923
Email: info@ilconsigliodisicilia.com
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Rostra rating: 4
Il Mattarello
We were wandering around Modica looking for bread when we found this small shop that specializes on fresh pasta (e.g., ravioli). Call in advance since they make it to order.
Address: Via Marchesa Tedeschi 62, Modica 97015 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Il-Mattarello/247820738707091
Telephone: 392 6680508
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Rostra rating: 4
La Belle Epoque
La Belle Epoque is the type of restaurant we enjoy reviewing. Good food, beautiful rooms, and attentive staff. If you are in Vittoria, Sicily, give them a try.
Address: Via Cavour 127, Vittoria 97019 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.labelleepoque-vittoria.com
Telephone: 0932-862018
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Rostra rating: 3
La Fenice
La Fenice in Ragusa is the first Michelin one star that we've visited in some time, and it was well worth it.
Address: Via Gandhi, 3, Ragusa Ibla 010971 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.lafeniceristorante.com
Telephone: 39 0932 604140
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Rostra rating: 5
Marcelleria Cordova Orazio
They asked what we would like and we told them something for the grill. They came out with these beautiful steaks.
Address: Via Conte Rosso, 19, Santa Croce Camerina RG Italy— Get directions
Telephone: 0932 821194
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Rostra rating: 4
Mezza Parola
This is a wonderful seafood restaurant located in Donnalucata.
Address: Via Martiri d'Ungheria, 2, Donnalucata 97018 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.risorentemezzaparola.net
Telephone: 39 0932 937474
Hours of operation: Closed Mondays
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Rostra rating: 4
Osteria dei Sapori Perduti
All of the food was delicious, often made from the local ingredients.
Address: Corso Umberto I, 228, Modica 97015 Italy— Get directions
Telephone: 39 0932 944247
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Rostra rating: 3
Osteria dei Tre Colli
This place of the three hills is a very fine restaurant in Scicli that made the fish lovers in the crowd smile.
Address: Piazza Italia, 141, Scicli Ragusa Italy— Get directions
Website: www.facebook.com/osteriadeitrecolli
Telephone: 0932 931605
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Rostra rating: 3
Panificio Passarello
This is a great bakery to either eat or take out.
Address: Via Roma, 101, Santa Croce Camerina 97017 Italy— Get directions
Telephone: 311/4783505
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Rostra rating: 4
We were led up some stairs to a beautiful rooftop terrace and the staff proceeded to serve wonderful dishes of fresh fish, fresh pasta, and delicious desserts.
Address: Piazza Regina Margherita, 2, Marzamemi 96018 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.facebook.com/principino.marzamemi
Telephone: 333 31 98 025
Email: principino_marfen@virgilio.it
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Rostra rating: 4
Trattoria di Crocifisso da Baglieri
This is a Michelin Bib Gourmet we highly recommend if you are ever in Noto.
Address: Via Principe Umberto, 46, Noto 96017 Italy— Get directions
Website: www.ristorantecrocifisso.it
Telephone: 0931 571151
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Rostra rating: 4

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