Rice Cafe

Address: 3545 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 234-0557
Rostra rating: 3.5

If you’re in the mood for a quick bowl of rice with a spicy or savory topping, then you could do a lot worse than head to the Rice Cafe on SE Division. Although it’s a small shop with limited seating, the kitchen is efficient, the staff friendly, and the fare makes for an enjoyable meal.

Outside Rice Cafe

Above all, the Rice Cafe is good value for money. In addition to a long list of bibimbaps and ramens at reasonable prices, there is a daily special where you get a bowl and a can of coke for around $8.

Spicy chicken bowl

For example, on Wednesday, you can get the spicy chicken bowl with saucy yard bird, cabbage, and steamed broccoli on a bed of flavorful rice.

And there’s a happy hour Monday – Friday that includes good prices on select bowls.

Inside Rice Cafe

Mago Tip: When you’re asked how spicy you want your dish, we recommend that you tell them “very.” The “mild” spicy just wasn’t spicy enough.

¿Por Qué No? Taqueria
Despite the fact that tacos are priced from $3.25 to $4.75 (outside of happy hour), the queuing hordes at ¿Por Qué No?? are there for a good quality affordable meal. And compared to the excellent but spendy Mexican cuisine served up at places like Xico they have a point. But that point only goes so far.
Address: 4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97215— Get directions
Website: porquenotacos.com
Telephone: (503) 954-3138
Rostra rating: 3.5
Abyssinian Kitchen
Abyssinian Kitchen is an above average Ethiopian restaurant tucked into a renovated craftsman located in the Division Clinton gastro-corridor. It took a while for the food to show up, though, so have a drink and be patient.
Address: 2625 SE 21st Ave., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: abyssiniankitchen.com
Telephone: (503) 894-8349
Rostra rating: 3.9
Afuri is the Cadillac (make that Lexus) of Rip City ramen. Everything was beautifully plated and absolutely delicious. We especially liked the Housemade gyoza dumplings with pork, chives, garlic, ginger, napa cabbage, scallion, and leek. Best. Gyoza. Ever. We’ll be going back to try out the ramen soon.
Address: 923 SE 7th Ave, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: afuri.us
Telephone: (503) 468-5001
Rostra rating: 4.6
Amberlight Cannabis House
Located at the eastern end of Division's restaurant row in the Richmond neighborhood, Amberlight delivers high-end VFM cannabis within stumbling distance of some of the best eateries and bars in Rip City.
Address: 2407 SE 49th Ave, Portland OR 97206— Get directions
Website: amberlightcannabis.com
Telephone: (503) 233-0420
Rostra rating: 4
Ankeny Tap and Table
A small garage bar that used to be catty cornered Coalition Brewing's tap room, Ankeny Tap and Table is a small gastropub blessed with a kitchen that is actually larger than its interior dining space. Make no mistake, this place is all about the beer. A fanatically curated 12 taps rotate every week. The food is also curated. The kitchen is particularly fanatical about Brussels sprouts and humus, offering a different appie based on them everyday.
Address: 2724 SE Ankeny St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: ankenypdx.com
Telephone: (503) 946-1898
Rostra rating: 4
What do you call a beer hall with fifty taps, great outside seating, a laissez faire approach to any and all outside food, and a strict cash-only policy? That would be Apex.
Address: 1216 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: apexbar.com
Telephone: (503) 273-9227
Rostra rating: 3.7
Apizza Scholls
Yep, the best pizza we've eaten in Portland. I found their product firmly at the intersection of U.S. east coast utility, Neapolitan, and Sicilian (that would be the type of pizza they serve on Sicily as opposed to what they serve in the US and call Sicilian pizza). Like all killer pizzas, the secret is in the crust.
Address: 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97215— Get directions
Website: apizzascholls.com
Telephone: (503) 233-1286
Rostra rating: 4.5
We have real mixed feelings about Artigiano, a food cart in SE Portland. The outdoor venue is delightful, the service flawless, and the pasta some of the best we've eaten in this city full of Italian fare. But the rest of the food is on the ordinary side. Our recommendation? Go with the 'name your price' theme for the menu completo, but say that you only want larger portions of the menu's pasta courses followed by insalata mista.
Address: 3302 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: artigianopdx.com
Telephone: (503) 860-3419
Rostra rating: 3.9
Atlas Pizza
If you want to hang out, play pin ball, drink draft beer, and eat pizza, then go to Atlas Pizza on SE Division in Portland. You can get pizza by the slice and it's always good.
Address: 3570 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: atlaspizzapdx.com
Telephone: (503) 232-3004
Rostra rating: 3.9
Ava Gene’s
It ain't really Roman, but I like it. Ava Gene's is a great place to enjoy Italo-PNW inspired cuisine on Portland's premier restaurant row while the Eternal City sorts out its current crisis driven by the twin scourges of ubiquitous government corruption and metastasizing mass tourism. One of our favorite dishes was that spaghetti all'amatriciana. Another was the bread with lovage butter, porcini, and lemon.
Address: 3377 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: avagenes.com
Telephone: (971) 229-0571
Rostra rating: 4.6
Bar Avignon
We love eating at Bar Avignon in Portland's SE district. The food is French and tasty. Although the wine is pricey, there are some excellent beers on offer. It also has a great chefs counter and friendly service. What more do you need?
Address: 2138 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: baravignon.com
Telephone: (503) 517-0808
Rostra rating: 4.2
Bar Casa Vale
The best thing about Bar Casa Vale is Chef Louis Martinez's food. You absolutely must try the fried pig ear, even if you do not like aggressively swinish fare, you will love these as long as you like bacon (so about 95% of the world's population or thereabouts). Martinez actually does make a silk purse out of these strips of deep fired porker pinna -- crunchy, fatty, rich, and aggressive seasoning.
Address: 215 SE 9th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: barcasavale.com
Telephone: (503) 477-9081
Rostra rating: 4.5
Bar Vivant
While Toro Bravo and Ataula produce exceptional small plate Spanish-PNW fusion cuisine, sometimes you just want a real deal Spanish tapas experience. When that particular jones takes hold in Rose City, it is best to head for Bar Vivant.
Address: 2225 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: pixpatisserie.com
Telephone: (971) 271-7166
Rostra rating: 3.5
Bare Bones Cafe
Add a generous happy hour, short lines, a funky atmosphere, and a place to play pool to VFM food, and there are lots of folks who are going to like the Bare Bones Cafe in southeast Portland. If you're looking for really tasty food, though, you'll do better to seek it elsewhere.
Address: 2900 SE Belmont St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: barebonespdx.com
Telephone: (503) 719-7128
Rostra rating: 3.2
Belmont Station
With a wide selection of good beers, a decent food cart, and a bottle shop next door, Belmont Station in SE Portland pretty much has it all. And on a nice day you can get your food elsewhere and bring your own picnic if you would prefer something other than deli and fryolator fare to pair with all that excellent beer.
Address: 4500 SE Stark St., Portland OR 97215— Get directions
Website: belmont-station.com
Telephone: (503) 232-8538
Rostra rating: 3.9
If you don't want to wait in line and also pay less for a very good brunch, Blackheart is a great alternative to Broder, Screen Door, or Jam -- even on the weekends (for now anyway)
Address: 2411 SE Belmont St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: blackheartpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 954-1541
Rostra rating: 4
Blue Star Donuts
OK, Team Mago is going to have to admit that we're not big donut fans. But as these tasty little fat bombs go, the Blue Star version at least tried to be interesting. Whether you're eating in or taking them to the home or office, we think that you'll like what you find.
Address: 3325 SE Division St Suite 1, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: bluestardonuts.com
Telephone: (503) 477-9635
Rostra rating: 3.5
Bollywood Theater
If you like Indian food, but most Indian restaurants leave you non-plussed, then Bollywood Theater is the place for you. Chef Troy MacLarty's two East Portland locations are dedicated to VFM Indian street food. Unless you are a true aficionado of subcontinental cuisine, the menu will be a bit challenging at first. But just start ordering dude, and you are going to like what shows up. We gave it a coveted four stars!
Address: 3010 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: bollywoodtheaterpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 477-6699
Rostra rating: 4
Bottle Rocket
When the owners of the Chicken and Guns and Potato Champion added Bottle Rocket to Portland's Cartopia food cart pod in southeast, they wittingly cast future patrons upon the horns of a delicious trilemma involving killer chicken, fantastic fries, or bitchin' burgers. At Bottle Rocket they give great flat top and fryolator.
Address: 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 79214— Get directions
Telephone: (971) 279-4663
Rostra rating: 4
Bread and Ink Cafe
The Bread and Ink Cafe was a huge disappointment for breakfast. It's a good idea in theory, but it was poorly executed. Avoid the chicken and waffles and go for the huevos rancheros, which were pretty decent. Bread and Ink probably works best as a place for an afternoon or early evening drinkie and maybe a couple of their small plates (dinner menu) for nibbles. For breakfast, near-by go to Trinket or the Fried Egg I'm In Love food cart.
Address: 3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: breadandinkcafe.com
Telephone: (503) 239-4756
Rostra rating: 2.5
The Broder business model consists of the three b's: breakfast, brunch, and booze. Now all of those things are very close to the hearts and stomachs of TeamMago, but unfortunately we just do not get it. It's not that the food is bad, but there is a big difference between subtle and boring, and in any event subtlety requires contrast somewhere in the rest of the dish and/or meal.
Address: 2508 SE Clinton St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: broderpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 736-3333
Rostra rating: 3.4
Gabriel Rucker’s Canard in SE Portland has a special place in our gluttonous hearts. We especially enjoyed his duck stack, pancakes, duck gravy, tabasco onion rings, and a duck egg topped with seared foie gras.
Address: 734 E Burnside St, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: canardpdx.com
Telephone: (971) 279-2356
Rostra rating: 4.6
Cat’s Paw Saloon
Cat's Paw on SE Division in Portland is a nice bar with friendly bar tendresses and an eclectic mix of neighborhood couples (often with a dog or two) leavened with semi-professional (but nice as well as restrained) dipsomaniacs, plus tattooed and pierced twenty somethings who often work in Division/Clinton's many restaurants and may or may not own a skateboard.
Address: 3565 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: 503-719-5189
Email: catspawsaloon@gmail.com
Rostra rating: 3.4
Chicken and Guns
This is some of the best grilled chicken that we've ever eaten, served up with the choice of a salad or or par-baked potato bits that have been deep fried to crispy perfection and then semi-emersed in salsa crude and excellent Peruvian aji sauce.
Address: 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: chickenandguns.com
Telephone: (503) 234-7236
Rostra rating: 4
Churchgate Station
TeamMago's experience at MacLarty's Kitchen Stadium Richmond was both tasty and convivial. Check it out this summer when they have their patio open.
Address: 3050 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: churchgatestationpdx.com
Rostra rating: 4.2
Cibo in SE Portland, Chef Marco Frattaroli's second restaurant, currently has a bad case of average gastronomic multiple personality disorder (or AGMPD). If you want Italian, go to Ava Genes or Atlas Pizza, both are a whole block away.
Address: 3539 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: cibopdx.com
Telephone: (503) 719-5377
Rostra rating: 2.5
If you're looking for some VFM place to watch sports, you could do worse than Claudias. But really, not much worse.
Address: 3006 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Porltand OR 97214— Get directions
Website: claudiaspub.com
Telephone: (503) 232-1744
Rostra rating: 3.1
Cooper’s Hall
Excellent food? Check. Beautiful and inviting venue? Check. Attentive, informative, and friendly staff? Double check. Convenient? Ummmm. Not really. They close frequently for events, so check their website before you make your plans.
Address: 404 SE 6th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: coopershall.com
Telephone: (503) 719-7000
Rostra rating: 4.5
Coquine is a darling of chefs, foodies, and social media, but MagoGuide just does not get all the hype. Yes, it is a very pretty little restaurant in a very nice Mt. Tabor neighborhood location, but the inevitable wait without a reservation or the strictures and penalties associated with making one, are not justified by the food.
Address: 6839 SE Belmont St., Portland OR 97215— Get directions
Website: coquinepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 384-2483
Rostra rating: 3.5
Cricket Cafe
As if having Jam on Hawthorne, Trinket, and Screen Door Kitchen wasn't enough, we've now found the newly reopened Cricket Cafe in SE Portland. Yet another excellent breakfast spot that's going to lay on some competition for the rest. Especially good was the Rising Sun skillet is a delicious case in point: roasted pork shoulder, roasted potatoes, green chilies, roasted corn, onions, cilantro, and pepper jack topped with two eggs any style as well as roasted poblano sauce.
Address: 3159 SE Belmont St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 235-9348
Rostra rating: 3.5
Danwei Canting
Danwei Canting, a Beijing work unit restaurant masquerading as a New Portland industrial cookie cutter eatery, is the perfect blend of good food, good service, and inviting atmosphere. But it's the flavors that keep us coming back to this most interesting restaurant.
Address: 803 SE Stark St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: danweicanting.com
Telephone: (503) 236-6050
Rostra rating: 4
Deadshot is owned by and located next door to Holdfast Dining, the current leading contender for the Rose City foodie wet dream awards. Although the decor is interesting, the service great, and the drinks excellent, it's the food that really makes this place worth a visit. That and the fact that you can eat some of Holdfast's signature dishes without waiting an eternity for a reservation.
Address: 2133 SE 11th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: deadshotpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 504-9448
Rostra rating: 4.5
Dots Cafe
Dots has stood the test of time as the Clinton Division restaurant row expands, sweeping other dive bars and dingy diners into oblivion. Dots is a dive bar without dyspeptic dipsomaniacs and a diner without foodie pretentious. It's our new local hang out place.
Address: 2521 SE Clinton St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: dotscafeportland.com
Telephone: (503) 235-0203
Rostra rating: 3.8
Double Barrel Tavern
Happy hour, especially all day on Sunday, is a decent deal with 50 cents off already cheap drafts and decent burgers for $5.
Address: 2002 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: sites.tablehero.com
Telephone: (503) 234-1420
Rostra rating: 3.5
Double Dragon
A nice inner SE Portland bar with an eclectic Asian-leaning menu and very nice staff.
Address: 1235 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: doubledragonpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 230-8340
Rostra rating: 3.7
Doug Fir Lounge
The Doug Fir Lounge in Portland's Central Eastside is an interesting place. Food and drinks from early to late and a music venue, all wrapped up in a retro package that is bound to make you smile. The food was good and the staff very friendly. We'll be going back for the music.
Address: 830 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: dougfirlounge.com
Telephone: (503) 231-9663
Rostra rating: 3.7
Farma is one of the coolest stores in Portland for buying cannabis.
Address: 916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: farmapdx.com
Telephone: (503) 206-4357
Rostra rating: 4
Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen is one of the best Thai restaurants in Portland and it is great competition for Pok Pok, which could use a little complacency deconstruction.
Address: 3354 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: farmhousepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 432-8115
Email: THAI@farmhousePDX.com
Rostra rating: 4.6
Fried Egg I’m In Love
The Fried Egg I'm in Love food carts serve great breakfast fare, but you will not escape a wait equivalent to many brick and mortar breakfast spots in Portland. Our favorite is the Sriracha Mix-a-lot wherein a fried egg, is paired with seared ham, fresh avocado, tomato, havarti cheese, and a decent hit of Sriracha.
Address: 3549 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: friedegglove.com
Telephone: (503) 610-3447
Rostra rating: 4
Genies Cafe
The food at Genies Cafe chokes pretty damn good. We especially liked the medieval hash made up of locally sourced spicy salami, golden dates, blue cheese crumbles atop O’Brien potatoes topped with hollandaise, two eggs any style, and  a dash of Tabasco. The pickled, sweet, savory, and rich elements of this composed monster worked pretty close to perfection.
Address: 1101 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: geniesdivision.com
Telephone: (503) 445-9777
Rostra rating: 3.5
Grand Central Bakery
Grand Central Bakery is one of the best in the city making delicious bread.
Address: 2230 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97210— Get directions
Website: www.grandcentralbakery.com
Telephone: (503) 445-1600
Rostra rating: 4.6
Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub
Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub in SE Portland is a great place to bring local friends or out of town guest who suffer from gluten allergies. Dinner is probably better than lunch in terms of food and ambience.
Address: 2030 SE 7th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: groundbreakerbrewing.com
Telephone: (503) 928-4195
Rostra rating: 3.6
Hawthorne Hophouse
The beer and food were good, especially the burger. Skip the fries. Or better yet, walk on over to the nearby Short Round to eat.
Address: 4111 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: oregonhophouse.com
Telephone: (503) 477-9619
Rostra rating: 3.2
It's not very often that a restaurant experience exceeds the expectations of the entire Mago Team, but Holdfast with its nine course tasting menu in SE Portland did exactly that. Go, sit at the chefs counter, and enjoy both the food and the show.
Address: 2131 SE 11th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: holdfastdining.com
Telephone: (503) 504-9448
Rostra rating: 4.8
Holman’s Bar and Grill
You won't be going to Holman's Bar and Grill on Portland's SE 28th for its food which pretty much sucks. Your best bet is probably breakfast, which, fortunately, is served all day. But you would do even better to step out onto SE 28th and walk in any direction for less than five minutes to find far, far better food.
Address: 15 SE 28th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: holmanspdx.com
Telephone: (503) 231-1093
Rostra rating: 3
Located in the original St. Jack location on SE Clinton, Jaqueline is a romantic and intimate space serving up some excellent French cuisine. Check them out on Mondays when they have their Fish Fry special, a great deal. The fish and chips were seriously amazing, especially the Rainier-battered cod, which was the best fried fish I have ever ingested, full stop.
Address: 2039 SE Clinton St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: jacquelinepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 327-8637
Rostra rating: 4.2
Jam on Hawthorne
At Jam on Hawthorne the eggs are always correctly cooked and the Morningstar vegetarian sausage a really pleasant surprise, as was the very potable coffee.
Address: 2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: jamonhawthorne.com
Telephone: (503) 234-4790
Rostra rating: 4.2
If you like vodka and traditional drinking snacks at bargain prices, head for Kachinka or happy hour at Kachka. The Hungarian paprika whipped salo and beet and walnut caviar spreads were especially tasty.
Address: 960 SE 11th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: kachkapdx.com
Telephone: (503) 235-0059
Rostra rating: 4
Kati Portland
Nobody should have any difficulties finding a vegetarian or vegan eatery in Portland for out of town herbivore guests. But Kati serves up delicious food that even stone cold carnivores like Team Mago opt for without the excuse of vegan couch surfing friends from Montucky.
Address: 2932 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: katiportland.com
Telephone: (503) 477-6059
Rostra rating: 4.4
Ken’s Artisan Pizza
Sad to say, Ken's Artisan Pizza is the worst of the venerable baker's four pizza venues. We recommend you head for Pine Street Market (Trifecta Annex) or the original Trifecta to see what Ken Forkish can really do with pizza.
Address: 304 SE 28th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: kensartisan.com
Telephone: (503) 517-9951
Rostra rating: 2.5
La Moule
La Moule comes pretty close to a Platonic form in terms of the food, beer, and experience it seeks to provide. And now they're serving brunch on both Saturday AND Sunday. The 4.5 rostra rating really says it all.
Address: 2500 SE Clinton St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: www.lamoulepdx.com
Telephone: (971) 339-2822
Hours of operation: Open 5PM - 12AM every day
Rostra rating: 4.8
La Panza Cafe
Team Mago thought that the food at La Panza on SE Division was OK, but pretty expensive for what you got. We were also disappointed that it turned out that tamales aren't served absolutely every Tuesday. Check out Morgan's review for the good and disappointing of La Panza.
Address: 2425 SE 26th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: lapanzacafe.com
Telephone: (503) 236-5005
Rostra rating: 3.2
Langbaan (which means back of the house in Thai) offers a pre-fixe, eleven-course tasting menu of high-end Thai regional dishes that rotates on a monthly basis in a twenty-seat 'pop-up' space that is heavy on wood, low on light, and intimate (as in not quite cheek by jowl but close). In general Langbaan serves a variant of Thai food that I have never had. Compared to what I usually eat at, say Pok Pok or Farmhouse Kitchen, this cuisine was highly refined in terms of flavor, composition, and plating. The ingredients shown through more distinctly, enlarging the palate usually associated with Thai flavors in terms of both novelty and nuance. But the spice profiles, especially the heat, were definitely restrained and in a few cases under seasoned.
Address: 6 SE 28th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: langbaanpdx.com
Telephone: (971) 344-2564
Rostra rating: 4.6
Lardo specializes in super sandwiches, soups, salads, and great side dishes. We highly recommend the dirty fries that included fried pork scraps, marinated peppers, fried herbs, and parmesan cheese scattered on top. We have found the food far more reliable at their SE Hawthorne location, however.
Address: 1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: www.lardopdx.com
Telephone: (503) 234-7786
Rostra rating: 3.9
Laurelhurst Market
The butchers department at near-by Whole Foods must really hate David Kreifels', Jason Owens' and Benjamin Dyer's restaurant, bar, and butcher shop hat trick on East Burnside. Their meat-centric eatery (there are also four seafood dishes, three salads, and plenty of veggie sides on the menu), is anchored by a full service, seven days a week butcher shop where they know their shit dude.
Address: 3155 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: laurelhurstmarket.com
Telephone: (503) 206-3097
Rostra rating: 4.7
Laurelhurst Market Restaurant
The restaurant utilizes the butcher shop's product for a venue that a) has no trace of steak house decor or 'tude, b) has plenty of fish and veggie offerings for non-carnivores, and c) is packed and very noisy most nights making reservations essential and timing important (as in go early or late if you want a normal decibel conversation with your dining companions).
Address: 3155 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: laurelhurstmarket.com
Telephone: (503) 206-3097
Rostra rating: 4.4
Lauretta Jean’s
Lauretta Jean's has friendly, down right perky staff, Dylan on the sound system and the best pie in town, Kitty. However, the crust is the key. The crust at Lauretta Jean's has more in common with expertly made puff pastry than what you normally find at the bottom of someone else's pie.
Address: 3402 SE Division St., Portland OR 972102— Get directions
Website: laurettajean.com
Telephone: (503) 235-3119
Rostra rating: 3.9
Le Pigeon
Team Mago loves everything about Le Pigeon from its intimate space, its beautifully mismatched plates, and how Chef Rucker (along with another chef frustratingly named Ricker) put the City of Roses on the culinary map. But oh it's the food that we keep going back for.
Address: 738 E Burnside St, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: lepigeon.com
Telephone: (503) 546-8796
Rostra rating: 4.9
Little Beast Brewing Beer Garden
Little Beast in SE Portland took over for the Hedge House and brought better beer and food to the neighborhood. Little Beast specializes in farmhouse-style beers and the Pater Extra is our current favorite.
Address: 3412 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: littlebeastbrewing.com
Telephone: (503) 208-2723
Email: hello@littlebeastbrewing.com
Rostra rating: 4.2
Little t American Baker
This has some of the best bread and cookies in SE.
Address: 2600 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: littletbaker.com
Telephone: (503) 238-3458
Rostra rating: 4.8
Loyal Legion
Best. Beerhall. Ever. Loyal Legion has 99 taps and every beer in the place is brewed in Oregon. Those pristine tap lines are flushed every day, cleaned every other week (slower selling beer lines are cleaned more frequently), and all their beer is served at less than or equal to 38 degrees.
Address: 710 SE 6th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: loyallegionpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 235-8272
Rostra rating: 4.2
Master Kong
A bare bones but tidy little spot on outer Division, Master Kong is serving up some decent Asian fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We recommend that you go on the off hours, though, because numerous reviews have made this a 'hot spot'.
Address: 8435 SE Division St., Portland OR 97266— Get directions
Telephone: (971) 373-8248
Rostra rating: 3.9
Matts BBQ Tacos
Matt's BBQ Tacos food cart on SE Hawthorne is serving up some fine BBQ taco-style. Great Q, great flour tortillas and a great attitude. Long may they last.
Address: 3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: mattsbbqpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 504-0870
Rostra rating: 4
Modern Times Beer
On our first visit to Belmont Fermentorium I spent three pints comparing their Lomaland saison to (my memories of) Common's Urban Farmhouse Ale. It was a far better experience than what I had been dreading since the Commons goodbye party. While Lomaland is not in any way a replacement for Urban Farmhouse it is a decent substitute.
Address: 2372, 630 SE Belmont St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: www.moderntimesbeer.com
Telephone: (503) 420-0799
Rostra rating: 3.5
Mt. Hood Brewing Co. Tilikum Station
At Tilikum Station in SE Portland, the new satellite location of Government Camp's Mt. Hood Brewing Co., the pizza and beer are simply average. And life is too short for average beer and pizza. There is better beer, better pizza, and better beer and pizza to be had all over Rip City. For example, Scottie's Pizza is barely a mile away.
Address: 401 SE Caruthers St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: mthoodbrewing.com
Telephone: (971) 302-7296
Rostra rating: 3
Go to Mulligan's on SE Hawthorne for happy hour and pound craft brewskis with cheap and generous whisky backs until it's over and then head out onto SE Hawthorne where you could swing a dead cat and hit ten other places with better food. If you want to continue with VFM booze but pair it with decent food, head either for Nick's Famous Coney Island Hotdogs or Straight From New York Pizza.
Address: 3518 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 235-6390
Rostra rating: 3
My Father’s Place
The service might a tad on the slow side, especially if you go on Christmas day when you have few other choices for breakfast. But the food was good, the staff patient and kind, and the atmosphere worth the price of admission.
Address: 523 SE Grand Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: myfathersplacepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 235-5494
Rostra rating: 3.5
We enjoyed the sea bream sashimi, five types of nigiri off the specials menu, hand rolls, and a sea weed salad. Each dish ranged from very good to exemplary. But we won't be back. The wait staff couldn't have been less welcoming or helpful.
Address: 1524 SE 20th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: nimblefishpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 719-4064
Rostra rating: 4
Nong’s Khao Man Gai
We went to Nong’s for the khao man gai - chicken, rice, soup, and sauce. At the risk of being booed by the masses, we have to admit that we found the khao man gai kind of borning. As far as we are concerned, the best thing about Nong's chicken and rice is her dipping sauce, traditionally made with yellow soy beanpaste, thick soy sauce, chili, ginger, garlic and vinegar. Bottom line, though, go next door to Marukin.
Address: 1210, 609 SE Ankeny St. C, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: khaomangai.com
Telephone: (503) 740-2907
Rostra rating: 3.3
Noraneko, described by owners Kina and Gabe as 'a ramen shop/ futuristic post-whatever diner', is a cultural appropriation success story. Located under the eastern end of the Hawthorne Bridge, this bright and inviting space screams come and get warm in the winter while offering a break from Portland's hot and crowded east side bar and foodie scene in the summer.
Address: 1430 SE Water Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: noranekoramen.com
Telephone: (503) 238-6356
Rostra rating: 4
Nuestra Cocina
Although Nuestra Cocina makes a nice impression up front, we thought the food very disappointing. Nuestra Cocina's cuisine lacks bold flavors and any real heat. Take the chile relleno, for example. To earn that title a pepper must be stuffed, battered, and fried. This watery nightmare came over-cooked (oven-baked vice pan fried), unadorned, and wrapped around indifferently seasoned pork shoulder that still managed to drown out whatever the kitchen was going for with those almonds and raisins.
Address: 2135 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: nuestracocina.com
Telephone: (503) 232-2135
Rostra rating: 2.5
OK Omens
It's the food and wine that make a visit to OK Omens rewarding. The short menu of share plates proved to be consistently good across the veggie and protein categories TeamMago sampled.
Address: 1758 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: okomens.com
Telephone: (503) 231-9959
Rostra rating: 3.7
Olympia Provisions Public House
We loved Olympia Provisions' OP Wurst on SE Division in Portland, but we're not sorry to see this upgrade to Olympia Provisions Public House. Still the excellent choices in beer, cocktails, and wine, but now the menu is more varied with some delicious 'Alpine-focused' items to include Teutonic comfort food like schnitzel and schweinshaxe.
Address: 3384 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: olympiaprovisionspublichouse.com
Telephone: (503) 384-2259
Rostra rating: 4.1
Olympia Provisions Southeast
Olympia Provisions is one of our favorite places to eat in Portland and their Southeast (OPSE) restaurant does not disappoint. We particularly liked the octopus a la plancha and Cardoons. The lack of variety in the beer was the only disappointment.
Address: 107 SE Washington St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: olympiaprovisions.com
Telephone: (503) 954-3663
Rostra rating: 4.2
Oui! Wine Bar + Restaurant
Oui's motto could be 'come for the wine, stay for the food.' Chef Althea Potter has produced a jewel box menu of small plates, substantial entrees, and two prix fixe family-style tasting dinners.
Address: 2425 SE 35th Pl., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: ouilikefoodandwine.com
Telephone: (503) 208-2061
Rostra rating: 4.4
Killer VFM Asian street food, a great little tap list, a full bar with serious mixologists, and you do not have to wait six weeks for a meal or take out a second mortgage to pay for it. What's not to like about PaaDee in SE Portland?
Address: 6 SE 28th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: paadeepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 360-1453
Rostra rating: 4
Palomar is a a classy Cuban bar patronized by a mainly young crowd. Go for the daiquiris and not for the food. There is a totally cool Fin DAC mural on the outside of the building.
Address: 959 SE Division St #100, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: barpalomar.com
Telephone: (971) 266-8276
Rostra rating: 3.1
PDX Sliders on Division
We were very impressed with the sliders. PDX sliders are somewhat larger than the canonical dimensions of a bun two inches across covering a 2 oz. patty, but they are still classic one-handers. Any of the beef sliders are exemplary. They came cooked to a Platonic standard of medium rare without the need to specify.
Address: 3101 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: pdxsliders.com
Telephone: (971) 717-5271
Rostra rating: 3.9
People’s Pig
The People's Pig serves up some wicked... well, pig. Portions are humongous. Think share, share, share.
Address: 3004 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97211— Get directions
Website: peoplespig.com
Telephone: (503) 233-8941
Rostra rating: 3.9
Petite Provence
With seven regional locations, an executive bakery, and a farm in Aurora, the La Provence/Petite Provence empire seeks to be all things French to greater Portlandia's hoi polloi. While their business model seems to be profitable, the resulting food is not very rewarding given the many French bakery cum bistro options available to denizens of Rip City and its suburbs.
Address: 4834 SE Division St., Portland OR 97206— Get directions
Website: provencepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 233-1121
Rostra rating: 2.5
Pine State Biscuits Division
At Pine State Biscuit you will find the four key ingredients for a successful eatery in today's USA (even, or especially, in the Great Gastropolis): affordable prices, large portions, decent product, and killer branding. 
Address: 1100 SE Division St #100, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: pinestatebiscuits.com
Telephone: (503) 477-6605
Rostra rating: 3.8
Pok Pok
Perhaps you're paying in part for its fame, but we're still impressed with Pok Pok's service and tasty food. Wednesdays right at opening time is the best for avoiding long lines and equally long waits.
Address: 3226 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: www.pokpokpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 232-1387
Rostra rating: 4.7
Pure Spice
Pure Spice is Team Mago's idea of a great Chinese joint. Pure Spice's essentially Cantonese cuisine scratches all our Chinese cuisine itches. The majority of Pure Spice's clientele are Asian, but the ever changing list of specials on the wall are thoughtfully translated. The dining space is bare bones and almost achingly bright, but you don't come here for ambience, you come for the food.
Address: 2446 SE 87th Ave., Portland OR 97216— Get directions
Website: purespiceportland.com
Telephone: (503) 772-1808
Rostra rating: 4
QuarterWorld Arcade
There are a lot of pinball arcades in Flip City, but only one of them is located right next to Apizza Shoals. Quaterworld has over 34 different pinball games and 63 classic and new arcade games, a full bar, draft craft brewskis, and a Tesla Coil that plays songs using lightning bolts as musical notes.
Address: 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97215— Get directions
Website: quarterworldarcade.com
Telephone: (503) 548-2923
Rostra rating: 3.5
Are you getting to an age when two-wheel bikes are a bit of a pain? Then think recumbent trike. RecumbentPDX in SE Portland is an excellent store to buy and service your recumbent trike. Janet, Mel, and all of the staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and patient.
Address: 2025 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: recumbentpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 231-1000
Rostra rating: 4
Rice Cafe
The Rice Cafe on SE Hawthorne has good rice bowls and ramens for very reasonable prices.
Address: 3545 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 234-0557
Rostra rating: 3.5
Rocio’s Mexican Restaurant
In a town awash in good Mexican, TexMex, and New Mexican eateries you should go somewhere other than Roscio's.
Address: 2850 SE Gladstone St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: rociospdx.com
Telephone: (971) 266-8860
Rostra rating: 3.2
Rogue Eastside Pub and Pilot Brewery
Rogue is the Grateful Dead of craft brewing: they have been around forever (like 30 years) and their fans actually are fanatically devoted to them (the Rogue Nation numbers at least 270,000). The beer is good, the food is good, and on the first Friday of every month there is free comedy in the back.
Address: 928 SE 9th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: rogue.com
Telephone: (503) 517-0660
Rostra rating: 4
Sake Isakaya
Team Mago recently visited into Sake Isakaya in SE Portland for lunch. We're glad that we went, but the next time we're in the neighborhood we'll be looking for another isakaya to visit.
Address: 3272 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: www.sakethaior.com
Telephone: (503) 239-3909
Rostra rating: 2.5
Sckavones Restaurant
Located on the development frontier between bougie lower Division and endangered but defiant lumpen proletariat upper Division, Sckavone's  gastronomic ethos boils down to a not so subtle diss of Portland's foodie culture and prices.
Address: 4100 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: sckavones.com
Telephone: (503) 235-0630
Rostra rating: 3
Scottie’s Pizza Parlor
Scottie's makes the best east coast utility pizza in Rip City, period (or at least so far as MagoGuide's voracious inhalation of all things pizza has gone to date). Their crust is the key, a thin, crispy, slightly sourdoughy platform for minimal, but often artisan (as in bespoke mozzarella and ricotta) toppings.
Address: 2128 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: scottiespizzaparlor.com
Telephone: (971) 544-7878
Rostra rating: 3.8
Screen Door
The Screen Door left us impressed with the food (the chicken fried ribeye special was particularly right on), but the service is currently limiting our rating to 3.5 rostras. Our advice is to go there during the week to avoid the long weekend brunch lines.
Address: 2337 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: screendoorrestaurant.com
Telephone: (503) 542-0880
Rostra rating: 3.5
Shalom Y’all
It is rare for MagoGuide to give a 4 rostra rating to a restaurant after just one meal... but we were in perfect agreement about Shalom Y'all in SE Portland getting four after tasting some excellent dishes at brunch.
Address: 117 SE Taylor St., #101, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: shalomyallpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 208-3661
Rostra rating: 4.5
Short Round
Short Round in SE Portland, the younger sibling of Fish Sauce in NW, really has it all; excellent riffs on Asian cuisine, a cozy atmosphere, and an excellent bar where even the wine is on tap.
Address: 3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: shortroundpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 384-2564
Rostra rating: 4.5
St. Honoré Boulangerie in SE
St. Honoré Boulangerie is consistently good across all four locations serving an impressive array of sandwiches, salads, and desserts.
Address: 3333 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: www.sainthonorebakery.com/view-our-division-location--locations-division
Telephone: (971) 279-4433
Rostra rating: 3.8
At Stammtisch on Portland's SE 28th, the German food and beer were very good for the most part. Their schweinshaxe, however, was a huge disappointment.
Address: 401 NE 28th Ave., Portland OR 97232— Get directions
Website: stammtischpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 206-7983
Rostra rating: 3.8
Stella Taco
If you are interested in eating very good tacos in a short amount of time, then skip the lines at Por Que No and head for Stella Taco. The meat tacos are best at Stella, especially for those who dig on swine, but the fish versions are quite tasty, and the veggie options are just fine as long as you do not believe, as Team Mago doesn't, that vegan tacos are a culinary oxymoron.
Address: 3060 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: stellatacopdx.com
Telephone: (503) 206-5446
Rostra rating: 3.8
Stickers Asian Cafe
If you're in At Stickers the food is good, comes out fast and service is friendly. Booze is also a big part of the menu with cocktails, a rotating local IPA tap, lots of Asian bottled beers, and a $2 Oly pounder.
Address: 6808 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: stickersasiancafe.com
Telephone: (503) 239-8739
Rostra rating: 3.7
Straight From New York Pizza
The east coast utility pizza they serve at Straight From New York on SE Hawthorne in Portland fills an unoccupied niche in the local pizzacology. It is thinner than its competition and sauced/topped so that the crust stays crisp while facilitating a fold down the center. Seriously good 'za.
Address: 3701 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: sfnypizza.com
Telephone: (503) 736-9739
Rostra rating: 3.9
Studio One
Although Team Mago enjoys the old theater venues such as the Baghdad, Cinemagic, Laurelhurst, and Hollywood, our favorite theater for viewing big 3-D blockbusters is Studio One on SE Powell Blvd. Although the food and booze are overpriced, they're pretty good. And the theaters are a real experience in luxury viewing with 4K Pure Laser Projection and 128 channel Dolby ATMOS sound.
Address: 3945 SE Powell Blvd., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: studioonetheaters.com
Telephone: (971) 271-8142
Rostra rating: 4.3
Tahrir Square
The gyro was spicy, savory, messy, and delicious.
Address: 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 270-8482
Rostra rating: 3.4
Tarboush Lebanese Bistro and Bar
Owner Pierre Boutros clearly knows his business. At the Tarboush Lebanese restaurant in SE Portland we enjoyed the setting, the staff, and most especially the food.
Address: 3257 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: tarboushbistro.com
Telephone: (503) 235-3277
Rostra rating: 3.5
Tasty n Daughters
Tasty n Daughters is a very, very nice addition to Portland's SE Division corridor. The decor is warm and friendly as are the staff. And the food is both interesting and delicious. We'll be visiting this tasty establishment often.
Address: 4537 SE Division St., Portland OR 97206— Get directions
Website: tastyndaughters.com
Telephone: (503) 621-1400
Rostra rating: 4.6
Teote may not be the most authentic take on Venezuelan street food, and there are significant DIY duties expected of the clientele with respect to ordering, securing a table, and bussing one's leavings, but the food and drinks are very good and the space friendly and welcoming.
Address: 1615 SE 12th Ave, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: teotepdx.com
Telephone: (971) 888-5281
Rostra rating: 3.8
The Goose
The Goose is yet another nice TweBu bar sporting nine taps, an extensive New Mexican cuisine menu, and a galaxy-class margarita list. An all female front of the house was a lot of fun on the night Team Mago staggered in for one more beer and a bite at the end of an extended crawl along the frontier of Rose City's southeast and northeast quadrants.
Address: 2725 SE Ankeny St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: thegoosepdx.com
Telephone: (503) 235-2222
Rostra rating: 3.7
The Hazel Room
If you are feeling brunchy on a Wednesday, this is definitely a place to consider. It is a step up from the Fried Egg I'm in Love food cart down the street, and the lines will be shorter or non-existent. As to the weekends, well you are own your own lookout.
Address: 3279 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland Oregon 97214— Get directions
Website: thehazelroom.com
Telephone: (503) 756-7125
Rostra rating: 3.6
The Richmond Bar
On a street of tap houses, Asian drinking food bars, and basically trendy everything, The Richmond Bar is an old-school comfort zone.
Address: 3203 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: therichmondbar.com
Telephone: (503) 208-3075
Rostra rating: 3.8
The Toffee Club
The Toffee club is a great place if you like European football and British beer. And the food is OK. Team Mago found the Big Sam -- a Full English breakfast ensconced in a sandwich -- particularly innovative. The eggs were a bit overdone and the sausages were not quite up to Cumberland quality (although they did have that fine offal tube grind that is quintessentially English), but the bacon, beans, 'shrooms, and especially the black pudding were the real deals.
Address: 1006 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: toffeeclubpdx.com
Telephone: (971) 254-9518
Rostra rating: 3.6
Thirsty Monk
If you want Belgian style beer, tolerable food, and a huge TV pumping out a lot of football, head for the Thirsty Monk. Their craft beer is above average and the food isn't bad.
Address: 1522 SE 32nd Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: monkpub.com
Telephone: (503) 234-8888
Rostra rating: 3.5
Toji Korean Grill
Toji is a large Korean grill restaurant popular with a younger crowd for its large portions and VFM prices. As far as MagoGuide is concerned, however, you could do better at any number of Korean grills in Beaverton, to include price.
Address: 4615 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portlanda OR 97215— Get directions
Website: tojikoreangrillhouse.com
Telephone: (503) 232-8998
Rostra rating: 3.3
Tom’s Bar and Restaurant
Address: 3871 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: tomspdx.com
Telephone: (503) 233-1363
Rostra rating: 3.4
Trifecta Tavern and Bakery
Trifecta serves up some of the best pizza (sorry, that's flatbread in Forkish-speak) that we've had in Portland. And the other offerings are great too.
Address: 726 SE 6th Ave, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 841-6675
Rostra rating: 4.4
Any place that declares forthrightly that their duck eggs Benedict will always be on the menu, the service is friendly and patient, and the generous but not ridiculous portions are served on carefully mismatched plates... is the place for us.
Address: 2035 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: trinketpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 477-4252
Rostra rating: 4.3
Tusk is an inviting Eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern off of East Burnside. It's cool doweled ceiling baffles look great as well as actually providing some sound dampening, while the lighting is particularly attractive. Tusk merges modern culinary techniques with ancient flavors from the Cradle of Civilization and the Middle Sea. Veggies are Chef McFadden's passion and far more interesting at Tusk than the protein offerings.
Address: 2448 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: tuskpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 894-8082
Rostra rating: 4.2
Upper Left Roasters
All in all, Upper Left is pretty spendy for what you get. Don't be fooled (again) by social media. Go to Spileman Bagels at the other end of Ladd's Addition for great coffee and real bagels or Little T itself just a bit further east on Division, which also does a much better breakfast than Upper Left.
Address: 1204 SE Clay St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: upperleftroasters.com
Telephone: (503) 477-8469
Rostra rating: 2.5
Wayfinder Beer
Go to Wayfinder in SE Portland for a really fun afternoon or evening. The space is gorgeous, the beer the best, and the food is way good. The outdoor seating is also inviting, especially in nice weather.
Address: 304 SE 2nd Ave, Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: wayfinder.beer
Telephone: (503) 718-2337
Rostra rating: 3.9
Whiskey Soda Lounge
This interesting and friendly SE Division Street bar is far more than the green room for Pok Pok. It is a very nice destination in and off itself.
Address: 3131 SE Division S, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: whiskeysodalounge.com
Telephone: (503) 232-0102
Rostra rating: 4.4
Wong’s King
Wong's King proves that you want to eat where and when the locals eat. That means you want to go on the weekends at peak lunch time, so be prepared to wait to be seated and expect some chaos during the wait. But the dim sum served hot and delicious is worth the effort.
Address: 8733 SE Division St. #101, Portland OR 97266— Get directions
Website: wongsking.com
Telephone: (503) 788-8883
Rostra rating: 4
Although the frugal minimalism of stainless steel tables, plastic chairs, and napkins made from recycled something might give one pause, the food at Xico is genuine Mexican cuisine, as opposed to TEXMEX build the wall food. Team Mago highly recommends the smoked salmon tostadas, citrus salad, octopus, pozole, and lime cake with coconut custard (aka everything we have eaten at Xico so far).
Address: 3715 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: www.xicopdx.com
Telephone: (503) 548-6343
Rostra rating: 4.3
Yama Shushi and Izakaya
Yama (meaning mountain in Japanese) provides a nicely appointed one stop shop for sushi, Japanese drinking food (known bizarrely here and at other Portland Izakaya as 'tapas'), and ramen with locations in SE and the Pearl. There is better ramen to be had nearby both locations, but the sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese drinking food is some of the best in the Portlandia gastrosphere.
Address: 2038 SE Clinton Street, Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: yamasushiportland.com
Telephone: (503) 231-2859
Rostra rating: 4.5
Yataimura Maru
We were underwhelmed by the ramen at this SE outpost of Shigezo. Stick to the other things on offer, which have a lot in common with the Shigezo across the river.
Address: 3810 SE Division St., Portland OR 97202— Get directions
Website: marupdx.com
Telephone: (503) 841-5527
Rostra rating: 3.7
Zell’s Cafe
Zell's is a nice, old school corner cafe in SE Portland serving above average standards for breakfast. The Hangtown frittata with oysters, bacon, Asiago cheese, and scallions was great.
Address: 1300 SE Morrison St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: zellscafe.com
Telephone: (503) 239-0196
Rostra rating: 3.5

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