Fried Chicken for Breakfast and Why Not?

Address: 2337 E Burnside St., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Telephone: (503) 542-0880
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Rostra rating: 3.5

Sometimes only fried chicken and waffles will do for breakfast. That’s how come both Morgan and I both ordered this tasty combo yesterday morning at the Screen Door on East Burnside. Buttermilk battered fried chicken served with sweet potato waffle and syrup, to be exact.

Buttermilk battered fried chicken served with sweet potato waffle and syrup

“Don’t you want to get something else?” I asked, worrying that a single piece of chicken wasn’t going to be enough and hoping he would choose something else that I could share.

“Nope. Fried chicken and waffles is what I crave,” says my partner.

Well, it turns out that not only was a single piece enough, but the whole plate was so plentiful that I ended up giving Morgan half of my chicken. I’m a waffle person at heart and when I was getting full I was forced to perform triage…

Screen Door serves up a very, very satisfying breakfast. But no matter what day of the week you go, get to the Screen Door early. This is a very popular place for breakfast and lunch.

Patti Hart

Patti has been traveling the world with Morgan since 1974 and loving every minute of it.  She's responsible for the photography and editing on the MagoGuide website as well as making occasional contributions.  Patti also generates the graphics and edits the MagoGuide products (e.g., the Mago Scrolls).  She's also busy creating and updating the iPhone and iPad applications for MagoGuide. Finally, she is responsible for this website including code that tailors the content to what readers are interested in seeing.  In other words, a very busy lady.

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