How to Bribe a Partner

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So say you have several boring errands to run and you want some company. How do you bribe your partner into coming with you? The answer is to suggest a yummy place to stop and have lunch on the way.

Squid special

That’s how we ended up at Pure Spice on an early weekday afternoon to grab a quick lunch on the way to the hardware store. As a bribe, it wasn’t really all the successful. Morgan thought that the  baby cuttlefish special wasn’t really… special. And some of our other former favorite dishes like the potstickers were just in the OK category.

We’ll be going back before changing their rating. Maybe mid afternoon isn’t the best time to go get the freshest dishes. But we wanted to let folks know that there are times when Pure Spice can be just a little off.

Patti Hart

Patti has been traveling the world with Morgan since 1974 and loving every minute of it.  She's responsible for the photography and editing on the MagoGuide website as well as making occasional contributions.  Patti also generates the graphics and edits the MagoGuide products (e.g., the Mago Scrolls).  She's also busy creating and updating the iPhone and iPad applications for MagoGuide. Finally, she is responsible for this website including code that tailors the content to what readers are interested in seeing.  In other words, a very busy lady.

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