Loyal to Loyal Legion

Address: 710 SE 6th Ave., Portland OR 97214— Get directions
Website: loyallegionpdx.com
Telephone: (503) 235-8272
Get more info....
Rostra rating: 4.2

What did Loyal Legion do to piss off Willamette Week? First off WW has not really reviewed Loyal Legion since 2016, and barely mentioned it since. Loyal Legion is conspicuously absent from WW’s latest list of the 100 best bars in Portland (last updated in 2017!). The reviews seem to think that $6 for a craft pint is too much, even though most of the bars in their top 100 charge as much or more. AND Loyal Legion has a daily four hour long happy hour during which most of their beer is $5 a pint. Poor service? Nope. Bod food? Really?

So what’s up with WW’s ‘tude toward Loyal Legion, especially since their reviewers cannot stop fawning over mediocre or worse bars and restaurants. Fuck, we don’t know. Why don’t you ask them? TeamMago will field the results of your investigative brewalism on our cells at Loyal Legion.

In short, Loyal Legion in SE Portland is my favorite Tap Room. With competition like Imperial Bottle Shop, Belmont Station, APEX, Hawthorne Hophouse, and 64 Taphouse, Wayfinder, etc. picking Loyal Legion as my fave says a lot.

So why is it my favorite? 100 Oregon and only Oregon beers on tap for a start. But, and this is unusual, the food is really good as well. So, here’s what we had yesterday for lunch.

Kasekrainer bowl with pork sausage from Olympia Provisions with Emmenthaler cheese and greens

I had an Olympia Provisions Kasekrainer bowl composed of pork sausage stuffed with Emmentaler cheese, greens, hot peppers, sautéed onions, and really delicious kraut.

Chicken Caesar wrap with crispy chicken, mixed greens, bacon, tomato, shredded parmigiano-reggiano, and Caesar dressing

Patti had the chicken Caesar wrap with crispy chicken, mixed greens, bacon, tomato, shredded parmigiano-reggiano, and Caesar dressing. Fried chicken in a wrap is just a good idea.

So check out Loyal Legion when you get the chance. It’s seriously good, no matter what Willamette Week says (or doesn’t say).

Morgan Hart

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