Mago Scrolls I, II, & III

The Mago scrolls tell the story of a cook slave caught up in the death struggle between Rome and Carthage that modern historians call the Punic Wars. The offspring of a Greek philosopher and a Carthaginian pleasure slave, Mago spends his youth toiling in the kitchens of Hieron II, ruler of the Greek city-state of Syracuse.

Handsome, pampered, and cocky, Mago has little interest in the momentous events surrounding the outbreak of the greatest conflict in the ancient world as he ascends to the position of archimageiros, the chef de cuisine for Hieron’s glittering court, achieving fame as a culinary genius throughout Greek Sicily. Unbeknownst to Mago, Hieron and his council of advisors have plans for the young chef that will change his life forever.

Mago soon finds himself at the epicenter of the Punic Wars. From the debauched revelry of a Greek symposium to vicious electioneering in the Roman forum and onto the pitching deck of a war galley during the greatest sea battle in history, Mago combines gastronomic expertise with the trade craft of a master spy to carry out Hieron’s plans.

The Mago scrolls bring history to life with vivid accounts of deadly intrigue, battlefield slaughter, lusty debauchery, and extreme cuisine.

Mago Scrolls I, I, & III Cover


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Warning!  Mago Scroll I is not for the faint of heart.  It has a very high “cringe” factor, so don’t buy it if your the least bit squeamish.


There are some great reviews of Mago Scrolls I, II, & III.

July – 2015 Tom Pernice says… “I finished The Mago Scrolls and eagerly await the sequel. What a great writer! Morgan Hart combines historical scholarship, culinary expertise and imaginative story-telling to entertain while giving us insight into third century BC military history and culture. (I am grateful not to be born into slavery, although I experience a vestige of it every time I clean my cats’ litter box.)”

The Historical Novel Society says… “Hart brings the cooking and menus of the ancient world to succulent life, and his imaginings of famous characters like Hannibal and Hamilcar Barca and their principal Roman adversaries are lively and entirely convincing. Hart’s narrative is totally involving, although some readers will be jolted by the unabashed bawdiness of much of the adventures of Mago and other characters, and the book’s epic action sequences are uniformly thrilling. A strongly recommended romp.” Read their full review here.

T. S. Levitt says “… I cannot remember when I had so much fun reading a book… ”

Paul C. says “… Mago Scrolls I, II & III is the closest thing to your personal time machine, programmed to plunk you down right in the middle of the mayhem of the Punic Wars…”

Richard S Hildner says “… Sex, violence, food, history: if anyone of these are of interest, why not have all four in a single volume?…”

Georgette D. Verdin says “… If one has a hankering to be transported, and mind captured by the beauty and complexities of the classical age, this book is one that cannot be put down. Your daily mind will wander back to the page you left off. An excellent read.”

ERH says “… Mr. Hart has done a vast amount of research, which allows him to dramatize history much more richly than in other historical fiction set during the Punic Wars (between Rome and Carthage, 264 BC to 146 BC)…”

You can read the complete reviews on or write your own review in the comments below.

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